Layout of the electric car DVD player centers and logistics centers

social enterprise investment build electric car charging ancillary facilities,Layout of the electric car DVD player centers and logistics centers Articles 10% of the charging facilities investment subsidies, but individual facilities grant amount is not more than 1 million yuan.

The reporters also learned that this year the district will put 272 electric vehicles, including 50 electric taxi, agricultural vehicles and other electric vehicle 222. The next town as the region’s new energy vehicles, promote the use of demonstration pilot, to be launched in next month, the first electric vehicle based agricultural vehicle 50, the experience gained, step by step to promote, within the region will strive in 2013 to form 20000 new energy auto production capacity.

The tenth party congress of the Gaoming district, industrial transformation and upgrading to become wise in the future five years, two core tasks, to further clarify the 2012 Government Work Report “, the next phase of smart industries” to the way the two core direction will be to speed up the traditional industries, high-tech “and” promote new industries scale. The development of new energy automotive industry is both the area “to promote the important direction of the emerging industrial scale”, but also to the way the strategic pivot.

Is in from primary industrialization to the mid-term of industrialization, the transitional stage of development of new industrialization clever, shut down backward cement ceramic enterprises as early as 2008 as a starting point to begin the industrial transformation and upgrading. Few years, the upgrading of traditional industries in the ongoing, but compared with other districts in Foshan, competitiveness is not significant. In contrast, in the process of transition to a strategic new industries, new energy automotive industry leading enterprises to GreenWheel no doubt to the wise into a powerful stimulant “, the current secretary of the Foshan Municipal Committee of CPC, when he Foshan Mayor Lee Yi Wei to attend GreenWheel foundation stone laying ceremony and encouraged the Greenwheel can become a “smart a turning point in the fate of.

From the current situation, in terms of the levelĀ twike 5 of industrial clustering or received policy support, a clever new energy automotive industry compared with the other four districts, not only favorably, even has a leading position in some respects. Formation confirms this is wise to stand out from more than 80 of the province to declare regions and enterprises, approved Guangdong Province emerging strategic industrial base (Foshan Electric Vehicle), a district of Foshan is the only access to the title; last year Foshan in the province to create a new energy auto production base in Guangdong Province to work, access to funds to support more than 100 million yuan, wise accounted for 46.309 million yuan, accounting for about 50%. These honor and support car camera the availability of funds, is actually a reflection of the level of development and competitiveness of the clever new energy vehicles.
On the basis of a series of policy support, the Party Secretary Tam Wai-ping Gaoming district, the 11th party congress, held last year, clearly stated, “efforts to promote comprehensive demonstration of the new energy automotive industry bases and promote the use of a breakthrough, focus on the introduction of and cultivate a number of strategic and emerging industry projects, pillar groups to speed up the formation of new industries. “This means that the development of new energy automotive industry has become the area to the way” one of the strategic pivot.

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